Adobe Edge Animate CC For Dummies (2013)

Adobe Edge Animate CC For Dummies (2013)

Part I.Getting Started with Adobe Edge Animate

Chapter 1.Introducing Adobe Edge Animate CC

Chapter 2.Discovering Awesome Features and Tools

Chapter 3.Working with a New Composition

Part II.Adopting Tools and Techniques

Chapter 4.Using the Timeline for the First Time

Chapter 5.Working with Triggers, Actions, Labels, and Cursors

Chapter 6.Embracing the Workspace

Part III.Formatting and Animating

Chapter 7.Animating with the Transform Tool and Properties Panel

Chapter 8.Formatting Element Visibility, Positioning, and Sizing

Chapter 9. Animating Background Color, Borders, Corners, Shadows, and Clipping

Chapter 10.Animating and Formatting Text Boxes

Chapter 11.Using the Elements Panel

Chapter 12.Using the Library Panel

Part IV.Putting Your Animation to Use

Chapter 13.Creating a Project Structure

Chapter 14.Preparing Your Animation for Publication

Chapter 15.Putting Your Project on the Web

Part V.Creating Sample Projects

Chapter 16.Creating an Interactive Slideshow Animation

Chapter 17.Synchronizing Elements in an Animation

Chapter 18.Building an Interactive Tutorial

Chapter 19.Animating an Interactive Children’s Book

Chapter 20.Animating Navigation Menus

Chapter 21.Building a Responsive Web Design

Part VI.The Part of Tens

Chapter 22.Ten Users of Edge Animate

Chapter 23.Ten Online Resources

Chapter 24.Ten Web Design Trends