Simple Testing - Sketch Programming - Arduino Development for OSX and iOS (2015)

Arduino Development for OSX and iOS (2015)

2. Sketch Programming

2.3 Simple Testing

Now you're ready to get started. For illustration, I use the sample code from Arduino, Blink. You can visit on for configuration. By default, Arduino board has been attached a LED on digital pin 13.

On Arduino software, Click File -> Examples -> 01.Basics -> Blink.


Then you will get a sample code of Blink app.


Now try to connect your Arduino into computer.


On Arduino software, we select our Arduino board by clicking menu Tools-> Board. I chosen Arduino Uno.


We also select a serial port from attached Arduino board on your mach machine. Click menu Tools -> Port.


Compile and upload Blink app to Arduino board. See Compile and Upload icons.


If uploaded, you can see the LED will be on/off every second.