iOS App Development For Dummies (2014)

iOS App Development For Dummies (2014)


Part I. Getting Started

Chapter 1. What Makes a Great iOS App

Chapter 2. Getting to Know the SDK

Chapter 3. The Nuts and Bolts of an Xcode Project

Part II. Building RoadTrip

Chapter 4. Storyboards and the User Experience

Chapter 5. Creating the RoadTrip User Interface

Chapter 6. The Runtime, Managing Memory, and Using Properties

Chapter 7. Working with the Source Editor

Part III. Getting Your Feet Wet: Basic Functionality

Chapter 8. It’s (Finally) Time to Code

Chapter 9. Adding Outlets and Actions to Your RoadTrip Code

Chapter 10. Adding Animation and Sound to Your App

Part IV. The Model and the App Structure

Chapter 11. The Trip Model

Chapter 12. Implementing the Master View Controller

Chapter 13. Working with Split View Controllers and the Master View

Chapter 14. Finishing the Basic App Structure

Part V. Adding the App Content

Chapter 15. How’s the Weather? Working with Web Views

Chapter 16. Displaying Events Using a Page View Controller

Chapter 17. Finding Your Way

Chapter 18. Geocoding

Chapter 19. Finding a Location

Chapter 20. Selecting a Destination

Part VI. The Part of Tens

Chapter 21. Ten Ways to Be Successful with Apps

Chapter 22. Ten Ways to Be a Happy Developer