Learning iCloud Data Management (2014)

Learning iCloud Data Management (2014)


Part I: Introducing iCloud

Chapter 1. Exploring iCloud and Its User Experience

Chapter 2. Setting Up iCloud for Development

Part II: Using the APIs

Chapter 3. Introducing the APIs and the First Apps

Chapter 4. Working with the AddressBook API for Contacts

Chapter 5. Managing Calendars and Reminders with the Event Kit API

Chapter 6. Protecting the Privacy of User Data

Part III: Using the Technologies

Chapter 7. Introducing Blocks, Threads, and Notifications

Chapter 8. Using Key-Value Coding (KVC)

Chapter 9. Using Preferences, Settings, and Keychains with iCloud

Chapter 10. Managing Persistent Storage with Core Data

Chapter 11. Using Xcode Workspaces for Shared Development

Chapter 12. Adding Data to Apps with Bundles and Resources

Part IV: Using iCloud Documents and Data

Chapter 13. Adding the iCloud Infrastructure

Chapter 14. Working with File Wrappers in iCloud

Chapter 15. Working with iOS Documents

Chapter 16. Working with OS X Documents

Chapter 17. Working with Core Data and iCloud

Chapter 18. Completing the Round Trip