EVERNOTE - The Best Mac Tips – Productivity Tips for Mac Users (2015)

The Best Mac Tips – Productivity Tips for Mac Users (2015)



EVERNOTE IS A MODERNIZED workspace that is equipped with the capability of syncing all of your devices which allows you to work anywhere and everywhere while staying productive. Evernote allows you to find, write, collect as well as present, and you can do all this from just one workspace.

With Evernote, you can capture information with absolute ease in any environment. You can do so by using the platform or device that is most convenient to you. With Evernote, you can search and access this information from any given location and at any given time.

Evernote allows you to do the following:

· Find within images text that is handwritten and printed

· Gain access to all your notes by synchronizing them with the Evernote Service

· Clip web content as well as applications directly into Evernote

· Create notes that contain audio as well as text

Features of Evernote

Evernote is packed with features, some of which have been mentioned below:

Image Resizing

In a note, any particular number of images you have in it are able to get resized. This can be done simply by clicking onto them and dragging onto their corners. You will not be required to scroll through huge images. All you need to do is drag them to the size that you feel is best.

When you resize your images, you can enhance the visual appeal of your note without making any alterations to the original note.

Better Notes and Checkboxes

With Evernote, you can experience much better notes. You are presented with a great many options during the creation and editing process of your notes. You can add a lot of features to your notes and edit them by using the note editor.

Also, you can get a better view of the checkboxes that are present inside your notes as they are presented in a manner which makes them look not only cleaner, but larger as well.

Improved Tables and Sync

If you need to create tables, Evernote’s table editor allows you to everything you expect to do with a table. You can delete columns and rows, drag the table to have its cells resized, and make color changes.

Everything in Evernote is capable of immediately getting synced across any device you use. It also allows you to start working on one particular device and easily continuing your work onto another device. Evernote allows you to stay connected to your work no matter where you are.

One Workspace for Everything


With Evernote, you can do the following:

· Write everything from short lists to lengthy research and is a great help when it comes to bringing your inspirational ideas to completion.

· Collect all the things that matter. You can capture handwritten notes and clip web articles. You can also click pictures to retain the digital and physical details of projects so that they may remain safe with you always.

· Enter discussions and connect your work with all those who were a help in bringing it to fulfillment. You can also in real time, share, collaborate and communicate with people around the globe.

· Present your work as it gets developed by conducting meetings that are quick and effective. You will not even need to create slides. With a single click, you can transform your notes into a layout that is screen-friendly.

Advantages of Evernote

By using Evernote, you can expect to gain some benefits which are mentioned below:

Universal Use

Evernote is an app that is available on all iOS devices. In fact, it is also available on Android and Windows. Because of this, the app can be used anywhere for matters that are both personal as well as work related.

In addition to this, you can gain access to your notes no matter where you are and regardless of the type of device that is accessible to you. This makes it ideal for traveling and for times when you have to work away from home.

Web Clipper

This is actually a good browsing tool that is capable of capturing images, articles and even the whole of web pages extremely quickly. After this, it stores them into the application so that you can make use of it in case of any future need of having it shared or referenced.

Images That Are Searchable

With Evernote, makes it really easy for you to add information by taking a photograph because the software is equipped with a feature that is capable of automatically making the text present in images searchable.

If you have Evernote installed on your phone or any other mobile device, you can very easily snap a picture and have it synced with your computer for ease of retrieval.

Variations of Evernote

Evernote is available in four different variations that are mentioned below:


This is free and with Evernote Basic, you can stay organized regardless of the device you use. All you need to do is take down your notes, track your tasks and then save the things you discover online and everything gets synced automatically between your computer and your phone. You can start clipping from basically anywhere on the web and can also share and have everything synced. With Evernote Basic, you get up to 60 MB.


With Evernote Plus, you can get higher monthly uploads, better access and much more options to choose from. With this version, you have more freedom because of more space for your notes. Evernote Plus makes it possible for you to perform the following:

· Save your emails into the app

· Create a sync across computers and phones

· Make the addition of a pass code lock on your mobile apps

· Share and discuss

· Clip from all around the web

· Gain access to your notes even when you are offline

With Evernote Plus, you can keep your project notes, files, images, as well as conversations all together in one space by boosting your per month uploads to 1GB. Plus also makes it possible for you to forward directly into your Evernote, important emails. This will allow you to find them when related projects or work arises.


Another great feature of Evernote Plus is that you can have it locked down and adding a layer of security to it. With the lockdown feature, you will be required to enter a pass code each time Evernote is launched on your tablet or phone.


Evernote Premium is an ideal choice for productive professionals. With Evernote Premium, you can have your writing, discussion, collection and presentation in just one workspace. You can place your focus in one place instead of having to jump between apps.

With Evernote Premium, you can do the following:

· Turn your notes into presentations

· View the content that is related to your notes

· Gain access to your notes when your are offline

· Have your business cards scanned and digitized

· Conduct a search in attachments and Office docs

· Create a pass code lock on your mobile applications

· Make Evernote the place where you save your emails

· Sync across computers and phones

· Get 10GB of new uploads every month

· Annotate your attached PDFs

· Clip from anywhere you like on the web

· Share and discuss

With Evernote Premium, you have the capability of attaching PDFs to your notes after which you can annotate them using arrows and text to highlight key ideas and areas.


It also allows you to view the previous versions of your notes. This helps you to gain some insight into the way your projects and thinking process has evolved over time. With Evernote Premium, you can get accurate and quick business card scans with just a snap of the camera.

It is also inclusive of LinkedIn information and photos. Presenting with slides seems like an age old tactic when you have Evernote on your Mac. You can present right after doing your work in a matter of just a few seconds during collaborative team meetings.


The features of Evernote Business are an ideal choice for powering teams to work together while creating, collecting and organizing their work. This version not only contains the individualized power of Evernote Premium, it also adds admin and team features and characteristics so that you can get more work done.

Evernote Business comes with certain advantageous factors in relation to individuals, administrators and teams which are categorized and listed below:

Advantages for Individuals

Individuals can:

· Sync across phones and computers

· Collect files, web research as well as images

· Write down everything in Evernote

Benefits for Administrators

Administrators can:

· Obtain enhanced security via SSL/TLS

· Have centralized user administration

· Speed of SSO and on-boarding

How Teams Can Benefit From Evernote Business

Teams can:

· Share and provide feedback to one another in one application

· Keep their work and all their projects together in one place

· Use a single workspace for collaboration

Business allows you to initiate a dialogue in Evernote so as to obtain feedback from your colleagues as and when your work evolves. Evernote also poses as your digital research assistant. It does so by having the team’s most relevant work surfaced alongside related pieces of news from all of your trusted sources.

Also, with the admin console, you can manage your account very easily as it provides you with all of the control and visibility you require.

Evernote Business Highlights

Here are some stand-out properties of Evernote Business to help you manage your work:

User Management – No matter how many changes occur within teams, with Evernote Business, you can easily manage and gain access to the data of the company.

Personal On boarding – In order to help you get the best out of using the app, all accounts equipped with 25 licenses or more become worthy of obtaining a more personalized service.

Data Protection –Evernote Business takes care of all your data for you. It provides you with a two-step verification process as well as with TLS/SSL encryption in accordance with industry standards so you can rest assured that your data will always be safe and protected.

Data Continuity – The data of your company is priceless and holds the keys to your strategies, tactics and future plans and objectives. With Evernote Business, you can keep the knowledge and data of your company within your company for years on end.

Along with the above mentioned features, Evernote Business includes some Premium features to enhance its performance as well. The Premium features included in Evernote Business are as follows:

Enhanced Meetings – All thanks to the presentation mode, you can obtain feedback the minute ideas start taking shape without having to put an effort into creating slides.

Power Packed Search Options – With the help of a simple search bar, this app assists you in finding content not only in your notes but also in attachments and images.

Sync Functionality – With its synchronization characteristics, you can have your work automatically synced on all of your other devices.

Offline Accessibility – Without the availability of a secure connection, it becomes difficult to work. But with Evernote, your work is available even without a connection due to the offline accessibility feature present on the app. Therefore, mobile freedom can be completely achieved with the advanced functionality of Evernote.

Evernote Business has made it possible for us to witness a financial system that is one hundred percent paperless.

Tips on Using Evernote

Mentioned below are some tips to make using Evernote more productive on your Mac:

Creating Note Links to a Specific Note

If you want to create a link to a particular note, here is what you’ll need to do:

· Go to the note list and right-click the note

· Select the Copy Note Link option

With the two simple steps mentioned above, a link to the particular note you selected will be put into the system clipboard. When this happens, it will be ready for you to paste into the application of your choice. However, this tactic of using the copy note link is valid only while browsing via Evernote.

If you would like to share a link with everyone to an individual note, you can either:

· Send a Work Chat to any particular email address OR

· Create a public URL link for that particular note and then paste it in your social networking application or your email

Merging Multiple Notes into One Single Note

If you want to merge multiple notes in Evernote for Mac, you will need to do the following:

· Hold down Cmd + Click so as to select multiple notes

· Select the Merge Notes option which you can find in the window appearing right beside the note list.

When you do the above, the multiple notes you selected will be combined into a single note, and the original notes will then be placed in the Trash notebook. In the event of you wanting to retain the original notes in the form of individual notes, or if you happened to merge your notes by mistake, each individual note can be restored from your Trash notebook.

Creating Shortcuts for Items Frequently Used

Using Evernote, you can create shortcuts for items that are most frequently used by you. For example, if you are in sales, you will most probably like to quickly access things like sales forms, whitepapers and literature in case you and your team have collected them in Evernote Business.

Creating shortcuts for such items will allow you to gain access to them by a single click on your tablet or smart phone. On your computer, all you have to do to create shortcuts is:

· Drag all of your important notebooks, notes, saved searches and tags directly to Shortcuts which you will find in the sidebar.

Once your shortcuts are created, they will get synced on all of your devices.

Creating a Table of Contents

In order to create a table of contents on your Evernote, you will need to do the following:

· Select multiple notes by holding down Cmd + Click

· Select the option of Create Table of Contents Note

The second step will lead to the creation of a list of individual links for every single one of the selected notes. You can also choose to:

· Rearrange or rename the links in the order that is more preferable by you

· Add to the shortcut list a table of contents note for ease of retrieval

Creating a Table of Contents Using Note Links

With Evernote, you can easily create a table of contents with the help of note links. This will help you maintain a set of notes within a notebook. This tip is extremely useful if you start sharing a notebook with others. You can use note links to generate a table of contents with the following steps:

· Create a link to the very first note present in your contents list

· Right-click the note that is in your note list

· Then select the Copy Note Link option

· Create a brand new note

· Paste the link to the new note you created. It shows up in the form of your note’s hyperlinked title

Repeat the above mentioned steps for all of the other notes you want to make a part of your table of contents. Then re-arrange all of the links in whichever order you want others to be able to view the notebook.

Another thing you can do is to add this note from your table of contents as a reminder. You can do so by putting the note in your reminders list which you can locate at the very top of the notes list to promote ease of accessibility.

Renaming a Default Notebook

When you’re out and about and in need of adding in new notes you collected from your meetings, or if you want to take some snapshots of your receipts or transfer your thoughts into an audio recording, it may become difficult to do so by especially when you have a tough time figuring out which notebook they belong in.

With Evernote, you need not worry about this issue since it allows you to create a default notebook for you to collect all of your new notes in. In order for you to gain access to this default notebook in an easy manner, you can rename it to something like Inbox or something that you’ll easily remember and be able to locate within your notebook list without incorporating any difficulty.

In order to rename the default notebook you’ve created you will have to perform the simple steps mentioned below:

· Locate the default notebook present in your notebook list

· Right-click

· Then select the option of Rename Notebook

· Enter in the new name you’ve chosen for your default notebook

If you would like for your default notebook to be displayed at the very top of your notebook list, you can add in a dash (-) right before typing in the name you’ve selected for your default notebook.

Each time you add in new notes from your mobile devices, they will automatically be saved into this notebook by way of a default action. When you go back to either your work station or your desk, you can easily transfer them into the respective notebooks they belong in.

Using the Smart Filing Feature

The smart filing feature available on your Evernote allows your emails to be automatically organized into notes. All you need to do in order to activate the smart filing feature is to enable it by going to your Account Settings.

If the smart filing feature on your Evernote has somehow been enabled and you would now like to transfer your notes to a specified location, you will only have to perform the simple action that has been mentioned below:

· Specify a particular notebook

· Then tag it in the email subject

When you use the tag or notebook names, the smart filing feature for that note will get overridden.

Resetting Your Email Address

If you would like to have your incoming email address reset, you will need to perform the following:

· Go to the Account Settings page

· Select the option of Account Summary

· Go to the Email Notes to section and hit Reset

Resetting your email address is beneficial when others are aware of your email address and you want to revoke their access at any given time.

Evernote is a great application that allows you to sync all of your devices to one workplace so that you can access your work whenever you want no matter where you are and regardless of the devices you are using.