Teach Yourself VISUALLY MacBook Pro, 2nd Edition (2014)

Teach Yourself VISUALLY MacBook Pro, 2nd Edition (2014)

How to Use This Book

Part I. Discovering MacBook Pro

Chapter 1. Exploring MacBook Pro

Chapter 2. Looking Through the OS X Finder Windows

Chapter 3. Managing the MacBook Pro Desktop Workspace

Chapter 4. Working on the Mac Desktop

Chapter 5. Working with Mac Applications

Chapter 6. Personalizing Your MacBook Pro

Part II. Getting Connected

Chapter 7. Connecting to a Network and the Internet

Chapter 8. Connecting MacBook Pro to Other Devices

Chapter 9. Traveling with MacBook Pro

Part III. Enjoying the Internet

Chapter 10. Using iCloud Online Services

Chapter 11. Surfing the Web

Chapter 12. E-Mailing with Mail

Chapter 13. Communicating in Real Time

Part IV. Taking MacBook Pro Further

Chapter 14. Printing on Paper or Electronically

Chapter 15. Managing Contacts

Chapter 16. Managing Calendars

Chapter 17. Maintaining a MacBook Pro and Solving Problems

Chapter 18. Enjoying Music and Video with iTunes

Chapter 19. Using iPhones, iPods, and iPads with Your MacBook Pro