MacBook Pro: For Seniors (2014)

MacBook Pro: For Seniors (2014)


The MacBook Pro is one of the releases of the Apple computer line that was initially introduced to the market as far back as January 2006. It is a powerful computer unit that allows users to be able do whatever they need in an easy and efficient way.

Senior citizens are defined as people who are over the age of 55 years old and may not be particularly technologically inclined. They may have challenges in using computers but with the latest Apple technology, they have made it somewhat easier for them to understand new concepts.

One of the main aims of Apple is to make their devices more user friendly and allow persons to easily achieve what they want to do. There should be no bells and whistles in getting their activities done. They aim to be the leader in computing and with their innovative devices they are certainly getting there.

Related specifically to the MacBook Pro, it has many features that give seniors a comfortable experience in using computers. From the display of the device to the applications that can be downloaded, it provides efficiency that cannot be overlooked. The senior will have a unit that is mobile and quite powerful that can do anything for them practically anywhere there is a Wi-Fi signal.

Also coupling with the other iOS devices, this will make the senior very useful as all of their devices will be working in tandem with each other. The continuity feature will allow them to start something on one device and complete it on the next.

The MacBook Pro is also thin which a great feature that all users especially for senior citizens. This book will explore the various features of the MacBook Pro as it relates to senior citizens.

1. Display

The display of the MacBook Pro is brilliant and with a multi-million pixel view it is quite stunning for senior citizens. It is quite bright and allows them to clearly see what is being displayed and prevents any confusion on their part. Therefore, if the user has a visual challenge, they will be helped by various display options that can be enhanced on the machine.

2. Screen Glare

There is a retina display version of the MacBook Pro which reduces glare on the user based on the new display technology. In reducing the glare, it is great for seniors that may wear glasses and the glare would have created an issue for them. In addition to this, the colors are quite distinct so they will always be certain of the color variation that is displayed on the screen.

3. Processor

The MacBook Pro comes with a powerful processor that will allow the senior to quickly carry out their desired activity. It has superior power with capabilities that will enhance the performance of the machine and in turn increase the productivity of the senior. They generally do not like to wait to get things done so having a powerful machine will encourage them to use and incorporate technology more into their lives.

4. Technology

Anytime the senior user is utilizing the MacBook Pro, they can be assured that they will be doing it with the latest technology. The applications that are on the system will use the fastest and efficient method to complete a task. The senior’s efficiency will be increased due to the use of the unit.

5. Graphics

The amazing graphics capabilities will assure the senior that the system will be able to run anything they choose to open on the machine. They will always be given the highest graphics output they can possibly get. This will even be useful when their grand-children are with them and would love to run games on their machine.

6. Battery Life

The MacBook Pro will give the senior great battery life so they can use their machine without cords for a long time. Usually, a senior will not want to be restricted so this is a great feature for them. The time of use may range up to 9 hours of battery use and this allows them to be flexible and free to use their machine wirelessly wherever they desire.

7. Faster Start up

The machine has been designed to provide a fast start up so users can get going faster. This is great for an older computer user who may not have much patience and really wants to complete their task in the shortest possible time. They will experience faster speed than they believe and will be satisfied with the response and the output.

8. Storage Space

The unit comes with over 1TB storage space so the senior user will almost never be able to exhaust that space. This is more than sufficient space to store all their documents, photos, videos and music files. After the file has been stored, it can be searched for easily when the user needs it.

9. Energy Efficiency

The MacBook Pro utilizes improved technology that minimizes the use of movable parts. While the machine is durable and quiet it is highly energy efficient which will be sure to delight the senior citizen. It works well with them as when they are not using it, sleep mode will be activated which does not use much electricity once it is in sleep mode.

10. Wi-Fi

The MacBook Pro has powerful Wi-Fi features which allows the senior citizen to go almost anywhere there is a signal. Once they log on to a network they can be assured the machine will be giving them the fastest possible connection. While connected in the network they will also have file sharing options.

11. Thunderbolt 2

The machine comes integrated with Thunderbolt 2 which is one of the latest input and output technologies. The senior citizen will be able to keep on the fore front of technology by using the MacBook Pro. It is one of the leaders in processing data from peripheral devices.

12. Audio Output

The audio output from the MacBook Pro is immaculate and clear so the senior can hear the sound output clearly. If there is any discrepancy in the sound they can increase the sound output until it is loud enough to hear. Even if they have some hearing impairment, it can be facilitated as the sound can be further enhanced to suit their needs.

13. Microphone

There is a built in microphone that allows the senior to input their voice into the machine. This can be used to facilitate meetings on the computer or to record audio as required by the user. When in use, it eliminates background noise, therefore if they are making audio, background interference will be reduced.

14. HD Camera

The MacBook has an HD Camera that the senior can use to capture their special events. These pictures can then be shared with their friends or family easily via social media. In addition to pictures the camera can be used to capture video as well in high definition.

15. Touchpad

The touchpad is one of the main ways that the user can interact with the computer. The senior citizen will find it quite easy and convenient to use due to the technology that is behind it. It uses intuitive gestures to operate and the actions are all natural so there is nothing much for them to learn but to do what feels right. Some of these gestures include pinching, tapping, swiping and clicking.

16. Keyboard Lights

Sometimes a senior citizen may be using the machine in an area where there is poor lighting. The machine comes with the feature of backlit keys which can be adjusted automatically based on the surrounding conditions.

17. iCloud

The iCloud service allows the seniors to back up their many years’ worth of information. As a senior they will have many important documents that they will want to preserve. With the iCloud service, you will be guaranteed that information will be stored to the cloud service and will be protected and stored forever without worry.

18. App Store

The MacBook has access to the app store where the senior user can choose to download any app they desire to achieve their needs. There are over one million apps that are available that cover many areas of interest that can help the senior achieve their needs.

19. Customer Support

There is great customer service for Apple products which are second to none. The senior user can access phone support, in store support or online support. Any way they chose they can be assured that they will be directed as to how to achieve what they need without any difficulty.

20. Compact, Stylish and Powerful

The MacBook Pro was engineered to be stylish while being compact and useful. The makers placed emphasis on a thin design that will have the user conveniently using the device anywhere they go.

21. OS X

The OS X operating system is perfect for seniors as it makes tasks easier while the environment is very user friendly. The senior can use this to easily find their apps without any bells and whistles that complicate the operation. The apps are clearly laid out and can be easily accessed when they are necessary.

22. Apple Communication

The Apple devices will communicate easily with each other through the improved technology. This allows seamless interaction with each other so the senior user can start a process on one device and then complete the same process on another without losing what they were doing.

23. Least Effort

The device is perfect for a senior citizen as in all features it takes the least amount of effort to get anything accomplished. With the use of the applications, they have been programmed to get input and produce output as how the user expects to see it.

24. Operation of Apps

The operation of the applications are made simpler by having the icons in an easy to locate area. Once the application has been opened it will automatically update without any human intervention necessary.

25. Security

The MacBook Pro will offer security to the senior citizen and ensure that their data is protected and kept safe at all times. The encryption is always active so the user can always feel confident that anything they use will not be interfered with by unauthorised third parties.

26. Connectivity

While the senior has great options to use on their MacBook, the system can also be compatible with Windows as well. It can be easily connected to a Windows network to share files, photos, music and other content.

27. Accessibility Features

There are options that allow the OS to assist persons who may have a disability preventing them from efficiently using the machine. There are features such as voice readers, magnification and scalable screens that cater to hearing impaired or visually impaired users respectively.

28. Functionality

The functionality of the MacBook Pro is the best you can find as there is an app available to do almost anything a senior citizen will require. By default, it comes with standard apps that are centred on creativity and productivity. If that is not enough, they can download additional ones that will increase their productivity.

29. Pictures

The MacBook Pro can help the senior citizen to take pictures and carry out various operations on the photos. The pictures can be indexed or organized in different ways. There are apps that can allow the user to edit the pictures and enhance them in any way they desire.

30. Movies

The senior user can also use the MacBook Pro to record movies as they desire. This could be their favorite moments that they can record and then share it with their family and friends through social media.

31. Music

For the seniors who love music, they can access all their favorite songs on the MacBook Pro. They can also create music files if they desire by using the Garage band app. This could be for the more technologically savvy senior citizen who wants to maximize their use out of the system.

32. Typing

There are word processing applications that will allow the senior to create their documents on the fly. The way the apps are designed, they flow naturally and allow them to operate it in the most natural way possible. They can also enhance the created documents by adding pictures, shapes or charts.

33. Spreadsheets

The numbers app allows the senior to calculate and manipulate their financial data. They can see their data visually using charts which can give a better depiction of the data. This can be a useful way to manage their pensions, budgets or any other financial matter.

34. Internet

The senior can use the internet to access any type of information they desire. As a senior citizen, they will have varied interests and these things are what they use to occupy their time. Therefore, using the internet, they would want to read and see things that are of interest to them. The internet is filled with content that they will never be able to exhaust all that is available on any particular topic.

35. Communication Methods

All of the senior citizens messaging needs can be all done from the MacBook Pro. They can email, chat or text message all from the unit. The machine can also manage various inboxes if the user has more than one email account. They are allowed to add all their accounts and the system will manage it for them.

36. iMessage

There is a feature called iMessage which allows the user to be able to instant message anyone who uses an iOS device. Therefore, anyone who has an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch can share messages amongst each other. The messages can contain music, photos, documents or contacts.

37. Calendar

The calendar app allows the senior to always be coordinated with what they need to be done at a particular time. The senior can setup the calendar to function how they want it to view at a particular time. They can also add features such as weather and maps to enhance the calendar experience.

38. Contacts

The contacts on the MacBook Pro can be used to maintain all the contacts of the senior on all of their iOS devices. Once the record is updated on the system it will synchronise on all times to ensure that the record is kept up to date. It works on the premise that you update one area and it updates all records.

39. iTunes

The iTunes app allows the senior to have access to entertainment, education, music and many other options. The content can be organized just how they desire it and can be shared with other members of their family.

40. iBooks

The senior can access different books that will suit their interests. They can read multiple books on the machine and save them for later. The book can viewed in a reader and gestures can be used to navigate the books by swiping or pinching to advanced pages or zoom in. The books will be accessible on all the seniors’ iOS devices.

41. Navigation

There are navigation apps that can help the senior to plot a route to anywhere they desire to go. They will never be lost again by using the available applications to help them. They may also get emailed directions or print outs that will help them to find their destination.

42. Photo Booth

The Photo booth application will allow the senior to capture photos of their special moments and then create short videos using them. The application has built in features that allow them to easily share the content on Facebook or Twitter without complications.

43. Backups

While keeping the senior’s information protected, they can also rest assured that they will not lose their information due to the ability to back up to the Time Machine. This allows them to save the entire contents of their computer which includes their files, applications, accounts and system preferences.

44. Screenshots

Screenshots can be a useful feature to a senior citizen as they can conveniently capture what is being displayed on the screen. This is helpful when they may need help with an issue and cannot describe it, they can take a screen capture and share it with someone who can help them.

45. New Apps

The seniors can access the news they like to see by downloading the application related to the station they want. A senior likes to keep up to date with the latest news stories and their MacBook can be configured to keep them in the loop as new stories come up.

46. TV Shows

There are TV Show applications such as Netflix that allows the senior user to access movies and TV shows as desired. They may have older shows that they remind them of the old days and they can easily access. This is a useful app that will keep them occupied and interested for a long time.

47. Magazines

Again, the senior may have various interests that they enjoy to partake in. That interest may be associated with visual content such as online magazines in which they can access. If they subscribe they can read their magazines online and always remain knowledgeable on the latest developments.

48. Cooking Apps

There are also cooking apps that allow the user to locate various dishes and the recipes to make them. Along with the recipe, they may get instructional videos that show how the steps should be done as well.

49. Vintage Radio Applications

The senior will also have applications that will link them to original programming that aired years ago in their younger days. This can allow them to hear programming that reminds them of that time and enjoy music that they listened to in the past.

50. Medication applications

There are also medication apps that may help the senior to remember when to take their medications. The app may also give information on the medication they take so they can ensure that the medicine is right for them and treating the right symptoms.