Apple Mail Quick Start - Take Control of Apple Mail (1.0) (2014)

Take Control of Apple Mail (1.0) (2014)

Apple Mail Quick Start

Although you can jump directly to any topic of interest, I suggest starting with the first few chapters to get a solid foundation. Chapters are marked with [OS X] and/or [iOS] to show the platforms they cover.

Understand what you’re dealing with:

· Discover Mail’s new features and design changes (both good and bad). Read Learn What’s New in Mavericks and iOS 7 Mail. [OS X/iOS]

· Get a grip on POP, IMAP, SMTP, Exchange, and more as you Learn about Email Protocols. [OS X/iOS]

· Make sure you understand account-setup details and how Mail deals with common tasks. See Master Mail Concepts. [OS X]

Find the ideal Mail setup for your needs:

· Tailor Mail to your needs and tastes with settings, shortcuts, plug-ins, and more as you Customize Mail. [OS X]

· Gmail user? You’re in for some weirdness, so there’s a whole chapter just for you: Use Gmail with Mail. [OS X]

Become a better Mail user:

· Search like a pro. Read Find Your Messages. [OS X]

· Manage incoming and saved messages as you Take Control of Your Inbox, and then learn the best ways of sending and replying to email in Become a Better Correspondent. [OS X/iOS]

Handle exceptional tasks:

· When privacy is a priority, Sign and Encrypt Messages. [OS X/iOS]

· Perplexed by an error message or other misbehavior in the Mac version of Mail? Read Fix Mail Problems. [OS X]

· Make the most of Mail on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. See Use Mail in iOS 7. [iOS]