Swift For Dummies (2015)

Swift For Dummies (2015)


Part I. Getting Started with Swift

Chapter 1. Setting Up an Xcode Swift Project

Chapter 2. Playing in the Playground

Chapter 3. Using the Xcode Editing Tools

Chapter 4. Creating a Swift App

Part II. Introducing Actions

Chapter 5. Operating on Data

Chapter 6. Using Swift Types

Chapter 7. Collecting Objects

Chapter 8. Controlling the Flow

Chapter 9. Functioning Successfully

Part III. Putting Expressions Together

Chapter 10. Expressing Yourself

Chapter 11. Declaring the Symbols

Chapter 12. Initializing and Deinitializing Data

Part IV. Using Components and Subcomponents

Chapter 13. Expanding Objects with Extensions

Chapter 14. Managing Access Control for Your Objects

Chapter 15. Building Classes, Structures, and Enumerations

Chapter 16. Using Properties, Variables, Outlets, and Actions

Chapter 17. Working with Enumerations to Consolidate Values

Chapter 18. Using Protocols to Provide Templates for Functionality

Chapter 19. Mixing Objective-C and Swift

Part V. The Part of Tens

Chapter 20. Ten Swift Features That Aren’t in Objective-C

Chapter 21. Ten Swift Features That Are Not in C

Chapter 22. Ten Objective-C Features That Aren’t in Swift