Setting Up Your Apple Watch - Get Fit with Apple Watch: Using the Apple Watch for Health and Fitness (2015)

Get Fit with Apple Watch: Using the Apple Watch for Health and Fitness (2015)

Appendix A. Setting Up Your Apple Watch

Allen G. Taylor1


London, England

Because the Apple Watch is much more than just a watch, setting it up for the first time is somewhat more involved than just winding the crown as you would an old-time mechanical watch. The watch works hand in hand with your iPhone and must be paired with it so as not to be confused with any other nearby iPhones. Pairing your Apple Watch with your iPhone is covered in Chapter 3.

You will be asked to make some choices, such as whether you want to wear your watch on your left wrist or your right. I appreciate this option since I am one of the minority who prefer to wear their watch on their right wrist. The display is flipped 180 degrees from what it is for those who prefer their watch to be worn on the left wrist. With this capability, you can read it right side up regardless of which wrist the watch is on, and more importantly, you can easily operate the digital crown and the button next to it.

The My Watch Control Panel on the iPhone

Once you have activated your watch and paired it with your iPhone, you may want to customize a number of settings. The default settings will work well for most people most of the time, but you may find a few that you want to change. You can do this by tapping the Apple Watch icon on your iPhone’s main screen. This will display the My Watch control panel shown in Figure A-1.


Figure A-1.

My Watch control panel

Here you will see the categories of options that you can modify. Options are also available for the built-in apps, as well as the third-party apps that you may have. Third-party apps on your iPhone that have extensions for the Apple Watch will have been automatically updated to enable your watch to use them. It’s a good idea to run through all these options at least once so that your watch is doing what you want it to do and displaying the information you want to see.

The Apple Watch Home Screen

The Apple Watch Home screen is the jumping-off point for whatever you want your watch to do for you. When you raise your wrist to look at your watch, it turns on and displays the time on the watch face that you have chosen from the many available. You can also customize the information that is shown on that watch face in addition to the time. Do any such customization with the My Watch app on your iPhone. Figure A-2 shows the default watch face.


Figure A-2.

The default watch face

In addition to your local time, it displays the day of the month, your next calendar appointment, the temperature, an icon showing your activity level so far today, and the time in Cupertino, California, where Apple’s headquarters is located. You can remove locations from the World Clock app (which is the source of this information) that you don’t want or substitute locations that you do care about. Tapping the miniature Activity icon will take you directly to the Activity screen, home of the famous Activity rings. These rings will give you a quick picture of how active you have been so far today.