WatchKit App Development Essentials – First Edition (2015)

WatchKit App Development Essentials – First Edition (2015)

1. Start Here

2. WatchKit Apps - An Overview

3. Building an Example WatchKit App

4. An Overview of the WatchKit App Architecture

5. An Example Interactive WatchKit App

6. An Overview of WatchKit Tables

7. A WatchKit Table Tutorial

8. Implementing WatchKit Table Navigation

9. WatchKit Page-based User Interfaces and Modal Interface Controllers

10. A WatchKit Page-based Interface Tutorial

11. Handling User Input in a WatchKit App

12. WatchKit App and Parent iOS App Communication

13. A WatchKit openParentApplication Example Project

14. Sharing Data Between a WatchKit App and the Containing iOS App

15. WatchKit Extension and iOS App File and Data Sharing - A Tutorial

16. Configuring Preferences with the WatchKit Settings Bundle

17. A WatchKit Settings Bundle Tutorial

18. An Overview of WatchKit Glances

19. A WatchKit Glance Tutorial

20. A WatchKit Context Menu Tutorial

21. Working with Images in WatchKit

22. A WatchKit Animated Image Tutorial

23. Working with Fonts and Attributed Strings in WatchKit

24. A WatchKit App Custom Font Tutorial

25. Supporting Different Apple Watch Display Sizes

26. A WatchKit Map Tutorial

27. An Overview of Notifications in WatchKit

28. A WatchKit Notification Tutorial

29. A WatchKit Custom Notification Tutorial