C# in Depth (2012)

C# in Depth (2012)

Part 1: Preparing for the journey

CHAPTER 1.The changing face of C# development

CHAPTER 2.Core foundations: building on C# 1

Part 2: C# 2: Solving the issues of C# 1

CHAPTER 3.Parameterized typing with generics

CHAPTER 4.Saying nothing with nullable types

CHAPTER 5.Fast-tracked delegates

CHAPTER 6.Implementing iterators the easy way

CHAPTER 7.Concluding C# 2: the final features

Part 3: C# 3: Revolutionizing data access

CHAPTER 8.Cutting fluff with a smart compiler

CHAPTER 9.Lambda expressions and expression trees/a>

CHAPTER 10.Extension methods

CHAPTER 11.Query expressions and LINQ to Objects

CHAPTER 12.LINQ beyond collections

Part 4: C# 4: Playing nicely with others

CHAPTER 13.Minor changes to simplify code

CHAPTER 14.Dynamic binding in a static language

CHAPTER 15.Asynchrony with async/await

CHAPTER 16.C# 5 bonus features and closing thoughts

Appendix A.LINQ standard query operators

Appendix В.Generic collections in .NET

Appendix С.Version summaries