Essential C# 6.0 (2016)

Essential C# 6.0 (2016)

CHAPTER 1.Introducing C#

CHAPTER 2.Data Types

CHAPTER 3.Operators and Control Flow

CHAPTER 4.Methods and Parameters

CHAPTER 5.Classes

CHAPTER 6.Inheritance

CHAPTER 7.Interfaces

CHAPTER 8.Value Types

CHAPTER 9.Well-Formed Types

CHAPTER 10.Exception Handling

CHAPTER 11.Generics

CHAPTER 12.Delegates and Lambda Expressions

CHAPTER 13.Events

CHAPTER 14.Collection Interfaces with Standard Query Operators

CHAPTER 15.LINQ with Query Expressions

CHAPTER 16.Building Custom Collections

CHAPTER 17.Reflection, Attributes, and Dynamic Programming

CHAPTER 18.Multithreading

CHAPTER 19.Thread Synchronization

CHAPTER 20.Platform Interoperability and Unsafe Code

CHAPTER 21.The Common Language Infrastructure