Introduction to Game Design, Prototyping, and Development (2015)

Introduction to Game Design, Prototyping, and Development (2015)

Part I: Game Design and Paper Prototyping

CHAPTER 1.Thinking Like a Designer -

CHAPTER 2.Game Analysis Frameworks

CHAPTER 3.The Layered Tetrad

CHAPTER 4.The Inscribed Layer

CHAPTER 5.The Dynamic Layer

CHAPTER 6.The Cultural Layer

CHAPTER 7.Acting Like a Designer

CHAPTER 8.Design Goals

CHAPTER 9.Paper Prototyping

CHAPTER 10.Game Testing

CHAPTER 11.Math and Game Balance

CHAPTER 12.Puzzle Design

CHAPTER 13.Guiding the Player

CHAPTER 14.The Digital Game Industry

Part IІ: Digital Prototyping

CHAPTER 15.Thinking in Digital Systems

CHAPTER 16.Introducing Our Development Environment: Unity

CHAPTER 17.Introducing Our Language: C#

CHAPTER 18.Hello World: Your First Program

CHAPTER 19.Variables and Components

CHAPTER 20.Boolean Operations and Conditionals

CHAPTER 21.Loops

CHAPTER 22.Lists and Arrays

CHAPTER 23.Functions and Parameters

CHAPTER 24.Debugging

CHAPTER 25.Classes

CHAPTER 26.Object-Oriented Thinking

CHAPTER 27.The Agile Mentality

Part IІІ: Game Prototype Examples and Tutorials

CHAPTER 28.Prototype 1: Apple Picker

CHAPTER 29.Prototype 2: Mission Demolition

CHAPTER 30.Prototype 3: Space SHMUP

CHAPTER 31.Prototype 4: Prospector Solitaire

CHAPTER 32.Prototype 5: Bartok

CHAPTER 33.Prototype 6: Word Game

CHAPTER 34.Prototype 7: QuickSnap

CHAPTER 35.Prototype 8: Omega Mage

Part IV: Appendices

Appendix A.Standard Project Setup Procedure

Appendix B.Useful Concepts

Appendix c.Online Reference