Beginning Object-Oriented Programming with C# (2012)

Beginning Object-Oriented Programming with C# (2012)

Part I: Introducing C# and the .NET Platform

CHAPTER 1.Introducing C#

CHAPTER 2.Understanding Objects

Part IІ: Core C# Programming

CHAPTER 3.Understanding Data Types

CHAPTER 4.Understanding C# Statements

CHAPTER 5.Understanding Reference Data Types

CHAPTER 6.Making Decisions in Code

CHAPTER 7.Statement Repetition Using Loops

CHAPTER 8.Understanding Arrays and Collections

Part IІІ: Writing Your Own Classes

CHAPTER 9.Designing Classes

CHAPTER 10.Designing and Writing Custom Classes

CHAPTER 11.Exception Handling and Debugging

CHAPTER 12.Generics

Part ІV: Storing Data

CHAPTER 13.Using Disk Data Files

CHAPTER 14.Using Databases


Part V: Advanced Topics

CHAPTER 16.Inheritance and Polymorphism

CHAPTER 17.Printing and Threading

CHAPTER 18.Web Programming

Appendix. Answers to Exercises