C++ Primer Plus, Sixth Edition (2012)

C++ Primer Plus, Sixth Edition (2012)

CHAPTER 1.Getting Started with C++

CHAPTER 2.Setting Out to C++

CHAPTER 3.Dealing with Data

CHAPTER 4.Compound Types

CHAPTER 5.Loops and Relational Expressions

CHAPTER 6.Branching Statements and Logical Operators

CHAPTER 7.Functions: C++’s Programming Modules

CHAPTER 8.Adventures in Functions

CHAPTER 9.Memory Models and Namespaces

CHAPTER 10.Objects and Classes

CHAPTER 11.Working with Classes

CHAPTER 12.Classes and Dynamic Memory Allocation

CHAPTER 13.Class Inheritance

CHAPTER 14.Reusing Code in C++

CHAPTER 15.Friends, Exceptions, and More

CHAPTER 16.The string Class and the Standard Template Library

CHAPTER 17.Input, Output, and Files

CHAPTER 18.Visiting with the New C++ Standard

Appendix А.Number Bases

Appendix B.C++ Reserved Words

Appendix C.The ASCII Character Set

Appendix D.Operator Precedence

Appendix Е.Other Operators

Appendix F.The string Template Classs

Appendix G.The Standard Template Library Methods and Functions

Appendix H.Selected Readings and Internet Resources

Appendix I.Converting to ISO Standard C++

Appendix J.Answers to Chapter Reviews