C# 24-Hour Trainer (2015)

C# 24-Hour Trainer (2015)

Section I. The Visual Studio IDE and Controls

Lesson 1.Getting Started with the Visual Studio IDE

Lesson 2.Creating Controls

Lesson 3.Making Controls Arrange Themselves

Lesson 4.Handling Events

Lesson 5.Making Menus

Lesson 6.Making Tool Strips and Status Strips

Lesson 7.Using RichTextBoxes

Lesson 8.Using Standard Dialogs

Lesson 9.Creating and Displaying New Forms

Lesson 10.Building Custom Dialogs

Section IІ. Variables and Calculations

Lesson 11.Using Variables and Performing Calculations

Lesson 12.Debugging Code

Lesson 13.Understanding Scope

Lesson 14.Working with Strings

Lesson 15.Working with Dates and Times

Lesson 16.Using Arrays and Collections

Lesson 17.Using Enumerations and Structures

Section ІІІ. Program Statements

Lesson 18.Using Enumerations and Structures

Lesson 19.Repeating Program Steps

Lesson 20.Reusing Code with Methods

Lesson 21.Handling Errors

Lesson 22.Preventing Bugs

Section ІV. Classes

Lesson 23.Defining Classes

Lesson 24.Initializing Objects

Lesson 25.Fine-Tuning Classes

Lesson 26.Overloading Operators

Lesson 27.Using Interfaces

Lesson 28.Language Summary

Part V. System Interactions

Lesson 29.Using Files

Lesson 30.Printing

Part VІ. Windows Apps

Lesson 31.Windows Store Apps

Lesson 32.Windows Phone Apps

Part VІІ. Specialized Topics

Lesson 33.Localizing Programs

Lesson 34.Programming Databases, Part 1

Lesson 35.Programming Databases, Part 2

Lesson 36.LINQ to Objects

Lesson 37.LINQ to SQL