Sams Teach Yourself C# 5.0 in 24 Hours (2013)

Sams Teach Yourself C# 5.0 in 24 Hours (2013)

Part I: C# Fundamentals

Hour 1.The .NET Framework and C#

Hour 2.Introducing Visual Studio

Hour 3.Understanding C# Types

Hour 4.Understanding Classes and Objects the C# Way

Hour 5.Inheritance, Interfaces, and Abstract Classes

Hour 6.Creating Enumerated Types and Structures

Hour 7.Events and Event Handling

Part IІ: Programming in C#

Hour 8.Controlling Program Flow

Hour 9.Using Strings and Regular Expressions

Hour 10.Working with Arrays and Collections

Hour 11.Handling Errors Using Exceptions

Hour 12.Understanding Generics

Hour 13.Understanding Query Expressions

Part III: Working with Data

Hour 14.Using Files and Streams

Hour 15.Working with XML

Hour 16.Working with Databases

Part IV: Building an Application Using Visual Studio

Hour 17.Building a Windows Application

Hour 18.Using Data Binding and Validation

Hour 19.Building Windows Store Apps

Hour 20.Building a Web Application

Part V: Diving Deeper

Hour 21.Programming with Attributes

Hour 22.Dynamic Types and Language Interoperability

Hour 23.Memory Organization and Garbage Collection

Hour 24.Understanding Threads, Concurrency, and Parallelism