NoSQL for Mere Mortals (2015)

NoSQL for Mere Mortals (2015)



Part I: Introduction

Chapter 1. Different Databases for Different Requirements

Chapter 2. Variety of NoSQL Databases

Part II: Key-Value Databases

Chapter 3. Introduction to Key-Value Databases

Chapter 4. Key-Value Database Terminology

Chapter 5. Designing for Key-Value Databases

Part III: Document Databases

Chapter 6. Introduction to Document Databases

Chapter 7. Document Database Terminology

Chapter 8. Designing for Document Databases

Part IV: Column Family Databases

Chapter 9. Introduction to Column Family Databases

Chapter 10. Column Family Database Terminology

Chapter 11. Designing for Column Family Databases

Part V: Graph Databases

Chapter 12. Introduction to Graph Databases

Chapter 13. Graph Database Terminology

Chapter 14. Designing for Graph Databases

Part VI: Choosing a Database for Your Application

Chapter 15. Guidelines for Selecting a Database

Part VII: Appendices

A. Answers to Chapter Review Questions

B. List of NoSQL Databases

C. Glossary