Oracle PL/SQL Programming (2014)

Oracle PL/SQL Programming (2014)


Part I. Programming in PL/SQL

Chapter 1. Introduction to PL/SQL

Chapter 2. Creating and Running PL/SQL Code

Chapter 3. Language Fundamentals

Part II. PL/SQL Program Structure

Chapter 4. Conditional and Sequential Control

Chapter 5. Iterative Processing with Loops

Chapter 6. Exception Handlers

Part III. PL/SQL Program Data

Chapter 7. Working with Program Data

Chapter 8. Strings

Chapter 9. Numbers

Chapter 10. Dates and Timestamps

Chapter 11. Records

Chapter 12. Collections

Chapter 13. Miscellaneous Datatypes

Part IV. SQL in PL/SQL

Chapter 14. DML and Transaction Management

Chapter 15. Data Retrieval

Chapter 16. Dynamic SQL and Dynamic PL/SQL

Part V. PL/SQL Application Construction

Chapter 17. Procedures, Functions, and Parameters

Chapter 18. Packages

Chapter 19. Triggers

Chapter 20. Managing PL/SQL Code

Chapter 21. Optimizing PL/SQL Performance

Chapter 22. I/O and PL/SQL

Part VI. Advanced PL/SQL Topics

Chapter 23. Application Security and PL/SQL

Chapter 24. PL/SQL Architecture

Chapter 25. Globalization and Localization in PL/SQL

Chapter 26. Object-Oriented Aspects of PL/SQL

Chapter 27. Calling Java from PL/SQL

Chapter 28. External Procedures

Appendix A. Regular Expression Metacharacters and Function Parameters

Appendix B. Number Format Models

Appendix C. Date Format Models