Oracle Database 12c DBA Handbook (2015)

Oracle Database 12c DBA Handbook (2015)

Part I: Database Architecture

Chapter 1: Getting Started with the Oracle Architecture

Chapter 2: Upgrading to Oracle Database 12c

Chapter 3: Planning and Managing Tablespaces

Chapter 4: Physical Database Layouts and Storage Management

Part II: Database Management

Chapter 5: Developing and Implementing Applications

Chapter 6: Monitoring Space Usage

Chapter 7: Managing Transactions with Undo Tablespaces

Chapter 8: Database Tuning

Chapter 9: In-Memory Option

Chapter 10: Database Security and Auditing

Chapter 11: Multitenant Database Architecture

Part III: High Availability

Chapter 12: Real Application Clusters

Chapter 13: Backup and Recovery Options

Chapter 14: Using Recovery Manager (RMAN)

Chapter 15: Oracle Data Guard

Chapter 16: Miscellaneous High Availability Features

Part IV: Networked Oracle

Chapter 17: Oracle Net

Chapter 18: Managing Large Databases

Chapter 19: Managing Distributed Databases