Make: 3D Printing (2014)

Make: 3D Printing (2014)


Part I. Hardware

Chapter 1. Getting Started with a 3D Printer

Chapter 2. 3D Printer Guide

Part II. Software

Chapter 3. Software for 3D Printing

Chapter 4. 3D Design for the Complete Beginner

Chapter 5. Getting Started with Slic3r

Part III. 3D Scanning

Chapter 6. Creating and Repairing 3D Scans

Chapter 7. Print Your Head in 3D!

Part IV. Materials

Chapter 8. Plastics for 3D Printing

Chapter 9. Industrial Materials and Methods

Part V. Services

Chapter 10. 3D Printing Without a Printer

Chapter 11. Service Providers

Part VI. Finishing Techniques

Chapter 12. How to Dye Your 3D Prints

Chapter 13. Post-Processing Your Prints

Chapter 14. Weathering Your Prints

Part VII. Applications

Chapter 15. The Promise of 3D Printing

Chapter 16. 3D Printed Gallery

Chapter 17. Dream Machine

Chapter 18. Desert Manufacturer

Chapter 19. How I Printed a Humanoid

Part VIII. Other Ways to Make 3D Objects

Chapter 20. Milling 3D Objects

Chapter 21. White Chocolate Skulls in PLA Trays

Chapter 22. Printcrime

Appendix A. 3D Printing Resources