Samsung Galaxy S7 For Dummies (2016)

Samsung Galaxy S7 For Dummies (2016)


Part I. Getting Started with the Samsung Galaxy S7

Chapter 1. Exploring What You Can Do with Your Phone

Chapter 2. Beginning at the Beginning

Part II. Communications

Chapter 3. Calling People

Chapter 4. Discovering the Joy of Text

Chapter 5. Sending and Receiving Email

Chapter 6. Managing Your Contacts

Part III. Live on the Internet: Going Mobile

Chapter 7. You’ve Got the Whole (Web) World in Your Hands

Chapter 8. Playing in Google’s Play Store

Part IV. Entertainment Applications

Chapter 9. Sharing Pictures

Chapter 10. Playing Games

Chapter 11. Mapping Out Where You Want to Be

Chapter 12. Playing Music and Videos

Part V. Productivity Applications

Chapter 13. Using the Calendar

Chapter 14. On the Road Again: Taking Your Work with You on Your Phone

Chapter 15. Paying with Samsung Pay

Part VI. The Part of Tens

Chapter 16. Ten (or So) Ways to Make Your Phone Totally Yours

Chapter 17. Ten Ways to Make Your Phone Secure

Chapter 18. Ten Features to Look for Down the Road