Developing Games With Ruby (2014)

Developing Games With Ruby (2014)

Chapter 1: A Boy Who Wanted To Create Worlds

Chapter 2: Why Ruby?

Chapter 3: What You Should Know Before Reading This Book

Chapter 4: What Are We Going To Build?

Chapter 5: Preparing The Tools

Chapter 6: Getting The Sample Code

Chapter 7: Other Tools

Chapter 8: Gosu Basics

Chapter 9: Warming Up

Chapter 10: Prototyping The Game

Chapter 11: Optimizing Game Performance

Chapter 12: Refactoring The Prototype

Chapter 13: Simulating Physics

Chapter 14: Implementing Health And Damage

Chapter 15: Creating Artificial Intelligence

Chapter 16: Making The Prototype Playable

Chapter 17: Dealing With Thousands Of Game Objects

Chapter 18: Implementing Powerups

Chapter 19: Implementing Heads Up Display

Chapter 20: Implementing Game Statistics

Chapter 21: Building Advanced AI

Chapter 22: Wrapping It Up