Introduction to Android Application Development, Fourth Edition (2014)

Introduction to Android Application Development, Fourth Edition (2014)


Part I. An Overview of the Android Platform

Chapter 1. Introducing Android

Chapter 2. Setting Up Your Android Development Environment

Chapter 3. Writing Your First Android Application

Part II. Android Application Basics

Chapter 4. Understanding the Anatomy of an Android Application

Chapter 5. Defining Your Application Using the Android Manifest File

Chapter 6. Managing Application Resources

Part III. Android User Interface Design Essentials

Chapter 7. Exploring User Interface Building Blocks

Chapter 8. Designing with Layouts

Chapter 9. Partitioning the User Interface with Fragments

Chapter 10. Displaying Dialogs

Part IV. Android Application Design Essentials

Chapter 11. Using Android Preferences

Chapter 12. Working with Files and Directories

Chapter 13. Leveraging Content Providers

Chapter 14. Designing Compatible Applications

Part V. Publishing and Distributing Android Applications

Chapter 15. Learning the Android Software Development Process

Chapter 16. Designing and Developing Bulletproof Android Applications

Chapter 17. Planning the Android Application Experience

Chapter 18. Testing Android Applications

Chapter 19. Publishing Your Android Application

Part VI. Appendixes

A. Mastering the Android Development Tools

B. Quick-Start Guide: The Android Emulator

C. Quick-Start Guide: Android DDMS

D. Android IDE and Eclipse Tips and Tricks

E. Answers to Quiz Questions