Android Programming: Pushing the Limits (2014)

Android Programming: Pushing the Limits (2014)


Part I. Building a Better Foundation

Chapter 1. Fine-Tuning Your Development Environment

Chapter 2. Efficient Java Code for Android

Part II. Getting the Most Out of Components

Chapter 3. Components, Manifests, and Resources

Chapter 4. Android User Experience and Interface Design

Chapter 5. Android User Interface Operations

Chapter 6. Services and Background Tasks

Chapter 7. Android IPC

Chapter 8. Mastering BroadcastReceivers and Configuration Changes

Chapter 9. Data Storage and Serialization Techniques

Chapter 10. Writing Automated Tests

Part III. Pushing the Limits

Chapter 11. Advanced Audio, Video, and Camera Applications

Chapter 12. Secure Android Applications

Chapter 13. Maps, Location, and Activity APIs

Chapter 14. Native Code and JNI

Chapter 15. The Hidden Android APIs

Chapter 16. Hacking the Android Platform

Chapter 17. Networking, Web Service, and Remote APIs

Chapter 18. Communicating with Remote Devices

Chapter 19. Google Play Services

Chapter 20. Distributing Applications on Google Play Store