Designing and Developing for Google Glass (2015)

Designing and Developing for Google Glass (2015)



Part I. Discover

Chapter 1. The Revolution Will Be Wearable

Chapter 2. The Glass Ecosystem: What It Is and How It Is Different

Chapter 3. Societal Issues with Glass and How to Avoid Them in Your Projects

Part II. Design

Chapter 4. Thinking for Glass: How Glass Is, and Should Be, Personal

Chapter 5. The Five Noble Truths of Great Glassware Design

Chapter 6. Glassware Antipatterns: Avoiding Poor Design

Part III. Develop

Chapter 7. Overview of the Mirror API

Chapter 8. Security and OAuth

Chapter 9. Working with Timeline Cards

Chapter 10. Card Actions and Subscriptions

Chapter 11. Sharing Resources with Glassware

Chapter 12. Context Is King: Using Location and Other Signals

Chapter 13. The GDK

Chapter 14. Getting on MyGlass: Glassware Submission, Review, and Distribution

Chapter 15. Reflections on the Future

Part IV. Appendices

Appendix A. Glassware Done Right: Case Studies from the Field

Appendix B. Hacking Glass