Android Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide (2015)

Android Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide (2015)

Learning Android

Chapter 1. Your First Android Application

Chapter 2. Android and Model-View-Controller

Chapter 3. The Activity Lifecycle

Chapter 4. Debugging Android Apps

Chapter 5. Your Second Activity

Chapter 6. Android SDK Versions and Compatibility

Chapter 7. UI Fragments and the Fragment Manager

Chapter 8. Creating User Interfaces with Layouts and Widgets

Chapter 9. Displaying Lists with RecyclerView

Chapter 10. Using Fragment Arguments

Chapter 11. Using ViewPager

Chapter 12. Dialogs

Chapter 13. The Toolbar

Chapter 14. SQLite Databases

Chapter 15. Implicit Intents

Chapter 16. Taking Pictures with Intents

Chapter 17. Two-Pane Master-Detail Interfaces

Chapter 18. Assets

Chapter 19. Audio Playback with SoundPool

Chapter 20. Styles and Themes

Chapter 21. XML Drawables

Chapter 22. More About Intents and Tasks

Chapter 23. HTTP & Background Tasks

Chapter 24. Loopers, Handlers, and HandlerThread

Chapter 25. Search

Chapter 26. Background Services

Chapter 27. Broadcast Intents

Chapter 28. Browsing the Web and WebView

Chapter 29. Custom Views and Touch Events

Chapter 30. Property Animation

Chapter 31. Locations and Play Services

Chapter 32. Maps

Chapter 33. Material Design