Programming Android (2011)

Programming Android (2011)


Part I. Tools and Basics

Chapter 1. Your Toolkit

Chapter 2. Java for Android

Chapter 3. The Ingredients of an Android Application

Chapter 4. Getting Your Application into Users’ Hands

Chapter 5. Eclipse for Android Software Development

Chapter 6. Effective Java for Android

Part II. About the Android Framework

Chapter 7. Building a View

Chapter 8. Fragments and Multiplatform Support

Chapter 9. Drawing 2D and 3D Graphics

Chapter 10. Handling and Persisting Data

Part III. A Skeleton Application for Android

Chapter 11. A Framework for a Well-Behaved Application

Chapter 12. Using Content Providers

Chapter 13. Exploring Content Providers

Part IV. Advanced Topics

Chapter 14. Multimedia

Chapter 15. Location and Mapping

Chapter 16. Sensors, NFC, Speech, Gestures, and Accessibility

Chapter 17. Communication, Identity, Sync, and Social Media

Chapter 18. The Android Native Development Kit (NDK)