Google Trends - Digital Marketing using Google Services (2015)

Digital Marketing using Google Services

1 Google Trends

Knowing your product in depth and analysing how it fares on the internet is the foremost step to be carried out. Google Trends gives you the trending search data in Google for your business. For example, as a Supermarket owner, you will be able to compare and analyze trending search terms in Google. Refer Snapshots 1.1, 1.2 & 1.3 below.

Snapshot 1.1: Comparison data in Google Trends

Snapshot 1.2: Regional Interest in Google Trends

Snapshot 1.3: Related Search Trends

By analysing the current search trends for your business, will enable you to understand the specific search terms (technically called as keywords) users enquire globally and locally. By forming your Website Content and Keyword Strategy after analysing Google Trends, you will be able to address the users by delivering them what they searched for.

Get Started
Let’s do a simple analysis in Google Trends. I want to see search trends for two keywords “supermarket” and “grocery store” in India. I would like to know which search term is more popular in South India so that I can buy my website domain name based on that. I would also use this data to form my website content around such trending keywords. I suggest you to do this analysis along with me for your business related keywords. Let’s start.

Go to (Snapshot 1.4)

Snapshot 1.4: Google Trends Home Page: Trending Now, 2014 Charts

Start searching for “supermarket” in Google Trends Search Bar

Add Term (Snapshot 1.5) to compare how other searches have fared with the current keyword.

Snapshot 1.5: Analysing the search result Supermarket

Let’s add the term ‘Grocery Store’ and analyze the results.

Snapshot 1.6: Adding the search term ‘grocery store’ for comparison

Selecting Filters in order to get a refined list is also provided. For instance,
targeting a country or selecting a particular timeline during which the searches were made is made possible with the search results (Snapshot 1.7).

Snapshot 1.7: Selecting the geographical locations for a refined search list

The option of selecting Categories of your particular search (In the case of grocery stores, the category could either be business and industrial or shopping) and the search for it as images or videos in YouTube can also be examined (Snapshot 1.8). You can also filter data for specific period.

Snapshot 1.8: Selecting the Period, Categories and Search Type

As you apply your filters, Google Trends shows the Trending data for your keywords. It provides “Interest over time”, “Regional Interest” and “Related Searches”

Interest over time shows relative search trends graph for your keywords (As shown in Snapshot 1.9). An additional feature is the availability of the news headlines and forecast feature. The news headlines feature is marked with alphabets and gives you an insight for why the search results have been high or low during that particular period of time. The forecast feature provides you with how the search term would fare later this year.

In order to see the news headlines, hover your mouse over to the point with the alphabets and click over it. The forecast is displayed through dotted lines.

Snapshot 1.9: The news headlines and the forecast

Regional Interest
The selected geographical locations display a deeper view on how the search results have performed state wise. As shown in Snapshot 1.10, “supermarket” keyword is very popular in Tamil Nadu. If you look at Snapshot 1.11, “grocery store” keyword is used more in Haryana. Tamil Nadu has a relative score of 63 when compared to Haryana for this keyword. This trend shows how people search in different states. You can further drill down to cities and take a look at specific places.

Snapshot 1.10: Regional Interest for the keyword “supermarketVs

Snapshot 1.11: Regional Interest for the keyword “grocery store”

Related Searches
From the Snapshot 1.12, we could see the Trending Search Queries related to “supermarket” keyword. Snapshot 1.13 shows trending queries for “grocery store”. You can also choose specific Topics of your interest and view trending search queries. If you chooseRisingtab, it shows other rising queries for the keywords entered.

Snapshot 1.12: Related Searches for the keyword “supermarket”

Snapshot 1.13: Related Searches for the keyword “grocery store”

Google Trends helps you find trending keywords or search queries in specific region or worldwide. It helps you in identifying website content and keyword strategy. You may want to choose your domain name based on current keyword trends for your business in your locality. As you noted, people in different region use different keywords to look for same business.