Competitor Analysis - Digital Marketing using Google Services (2015)

Digital Marketing using Google Services

2 Competitor Analysis

As the name suggests, ‘Competitor Analysis’ is nothing but analysing your competitor’s website and the internet marketing strategies followed.

How do I find my Competitor?

Analyze the current keyword trends for your business using Google Trends. After finding the top keywords being used in your locality for the business you run, type the keyword or key phrase in Google Search. All the websites displayed under the Organic Search Results are to be considered your online competitor.

Snapshot 2.1: Finding the Competitor

For example, refer Snapshot 2.1: As a supermarket owner, I
searched for “online
supermarket” in Google Search to find my competitors in this
segment. I should start analysing the websites and listed in this Organic Search Results.

You need to look at various components in your competitor’s website.

For example, let’s open the website (ref Snapshot 2.2) and have a look at following components:

Snapshot 2.2: website

Take a look at these components:
1. Website content in all pages
2. Keywords used
3. Home page design
4. Offers
5. Banners
6. Menu Items
7. Delivery Options
8. Logo
9. Pictures
10. Uniqueness
11. Security Features
12. Convenience
13. Phone Numbers / Inquiry Form / Chat (Support Options available)
14. Terms & Conditions
15. Product Information (Look at the description for products. Photos in various angles)
16. Shopping cart experience (Add to cart, Buy Now, Payment Gateway, Cash On Delivery, Card on Delivery, easy 2 or 3 steps purchase experience)
17. Customer newsletter and sign up strategy
18. Gift vouchers
19. Offers for festivals
20. Product Search
21. Social Media and Videos (How engaging? What customers speak?)
22. Reviews & Ratings
23. FAQ
24. Title, Meta Description & Image Alt Tags for every page in their website (RefChapter 5 SEO)

Collect such points for all your competitor websites and put it in an Excel. With all such points, identify best approach and flaws. You should make sure you have resolved all flaws in your website and implement best approach. Also, create your unique website strategies to differentiate your website from competitors’. Provide better Unique Selling Points and Support options.

Also, analyze your competitors’ presence in other platforms:
1. Social Media like Google +, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, …
2. Online Business Directories
3. Online Communities
4. Online Forums
5. Their Press Releases
6. Their Blogs
7. YouTube

To learn more about above platforms, please refer Chapter 5 SEO, Chapter 6 YouTube and Chapter 7 SMO

By analysing your competitors’ strategy on such platforms, you will be able to create a better approach towards your branding exercise.