YouTube - Digital Marketing using Google Services (2015)

Digital Marketing using Google Services

6 YouTube

YouTube is one prominent method to increase the attention your website gets. YouTube being a renowned subsidiary of Google, the importance it carries is substantial. As a business owner, contributing videos that educates people of your business and its functionality brings about potential customers of greater multitude.

For example: training videos, unpacking videos, video reviews, technical videos etc.

Videos of creative and interactive content have the potential to reach a larger audience. As the word about your video starts to spread by, the interest over the creator arises. Which naturally leads to your website and hence the website receives traffic.

Video that we create need not be of high quality and extreme cinematography. Audience would expect only quality content in the video, which answers their questions.

Let’s analyse the results of a LocSea’s video and the aspects that made the video to reach more audience.

Sign up or Login to with your Gmail id (Snapshot 6.1).

Snapshot 6.1

Once you Login, you can upload a new video using Upload button or you can edit your uploaded videos from Creator Studio menu. To upload, click on Upload button on top right corner.

Snapshot 6.2

You can upload your video using the Arrow Mark button ( Snapshot 6.2). Once you upload your video to YouTube, it takes you toVideo EditorPage inCreator Studio(Snapshot 6.3). From here you can edit your Video and Settings for this video.

Snapshot 6.3

You can also reach this video editor screen by clicking on the profile image on the top right corner(Snapshot 6.3) and choosing Creator Studio button. That would take you to the video editor.

Creator Studio
Let’s go through the tabs that are present under the Creator Studio, so that we can make use of those options and settings for our videos.

The video Manager (Snapshot 6.4) shows reports like data of all the videos, live events, playlists, Search History, and likes with options to edit and details such as published date and time.

Let’s open a video and analyze various fields.

Snapshot 6.4

Let’s take the below video as an example ( Snapshot 6.5). We have 193 views for this video and it has the maximum views when compared to other videos. We can get into the details and analyse the video settings in order to understand the reasons for better performance of this video.

Snapshot 6.5

When we Google for locsea, we get this video link in the third position of the first page (Snapshot 6.6). What can be the reason?

In the video listing, choose the edit option under the video (Snapshot 6.7).

Snapshot 6.6

Snapshot 6.7

You would get the below page (Snapshot 6.8) with tabs like info and settings, enhancements, audio, annotations, subtitles and CC.

We can analyse all the tabs one by one. Click on ‘Info and Settings’ and scroll down.

Snapshot 6.8

You would get the below options (Snapshot 6.9).

Snapshot 6.9

We have provided a Title and Description (Snapshot 6.9) that is related to the video and also contains the important keywords.

Once we have entered the title and description, we will be adding tags that would be used by the audience while searching for the video and also the important keywords.
YouTube would also suggest few tags for your video based on the keywords present in the title and description.

Snapshot 6.10

video language, recording date, statistics etc.
Click on Monetization (Snapshot 6.10) once we have completed including the Basic information. We can allow other’s ads to be inserted in our videos. We can choose the ad formats in which the ads should be shown in our video. When we have completed the monetization settings, click
advanced settings and enable comments and user ratings.
Enabling these settings can create more interaction in our videos.

Check the other options as required like the category, video location,

Snapshot 6.11

Click on Enhancements Tab after completing the Info and Settings Tab.

Snapshot 6.12

Annotation ( Snapshot 6.13) is an important part in Video settings. Annotations can be defined as the content which would be displayed over the video along with a hyperlink (if required), so that audience watching the video can also be taken to our website. We can also add notification information to the video like offers, coupons, new products, video related information, etc.

Make improvements to the video clarity like improving the Lighting, contrast, trim, etc. and save the video (Snapshot 6.12)

Now Choose Audio Tab. Under Audio, you can choose audio files and embed them to the video.

Snapshot 6.14

We can add annotation ( Snapshot 6.14) in any required position over the video. We can also add information like the start and the end time, between which the annotations should be displayed over the video.
The links that are included in the annotations can be any one of the following:

· Video
· Playlist
· Channel
· Google+ Profile Page
· Subscribe
· Fundraising Project
· Associated Website
· Merch

Once we have edited the video, we come back to the creator studio where we have analysed Video Manager

Now we would check Community ( Snapshot 6.15), under which we have comments option. When we consider our case study video, we have more interaction in the comments section. This video reached on top 3 positions in SERP, since we have more interaction in the video page. Answer your visitors’ queries. It helps in engagement. Ask your visitors to like, subscribe your video channels and build more subscribers.

Under Channels ( Snapshot 6.16), we can make changes to the channel settings like changing the status, monetization, upload defaults, in-video programming, fan finder and other advanced settings.

The snap (Snapshot 6.16) shows the status of our channel when we consider every important aspect considered by YouTube.

Snapshot 6.15

Monetization ( Snapshot 6.17) is a process of allowing the advertisements to be displayed in our videos. YouTube charges the advertisers for displaying ads and provides monetization benefits for the videos in which the ads are displayed.

Snapshot 6.17

Choose your Country and enter Channel Keywords ( Snapshot 6.18)

You should link your channel with your website ( Snapshot 6.19) and verify your website in YouTube, since it is important for branding. Once this is done, YouTube would consider your channel as the official representative for your Business.

Snapshot 6.19

We can also enable settings like allow my channel to appear in other channel’s recommendations. Doing this would increase the number of views.

We would already be having a Google Analytics account by now, which can be linked with the YouTube channel by entering the Google Analytics tracking ID in the option given.

Under Analytics ( Snapshot 6.20), we can see the performance data of the videos. Analytics shows all the details about the performance, amount spent on ads, money earned through monetization, estimated minutes of video watched by Audience and the average time period a user spent with the video.

We would also get the demographics report, the data about the traffic sources through which audience reached our video.

The Engagement report provides you the video interaction details such as duration watched (Snapshot 6.21), subscribers, likes and dislikes.

The list of Top performing Videos in our YouTube Channel (Snapshot 6.21).

Snapshot 6.21

We have skimmed the Creator Studio and now we can move over to some Generic Factors that can be made perfect for improving User Friendliness.

Click on the Dashboard -> View Channel. It opens the Channel Home Page (Snapshot 6.22) Go to About Tab and provide more Specific information about your business (Snapshot 6.23).

Snapshot 6.23

Add an Image that would attract the visitors and make your profile more trustable and pleasant for the audience (Snapshot 6.24).

Tips :
“How to”Videos have high number of views than any other videos in YouTube. So, createhow tovideos related to your business. When you provide answers for your visitor’s queries and needs, they would trust you better and would subscribe to your channel to get more useful information.

For Example: If you own an inverter business, create a video for unboxing inverters. You are providing answer for their “how to unbox apc inverter?” question. Google prioritizes YouTube videos related to the question and shows it in Google Search first page (Snapshot 6.25)