Automated Tools (Greyhat & Blackhat SEO) - SEO for WordPress: “How I hit page #1 of Google in 27 days!” (2016)

SEO for WordPress: “How I hit page #1 of Google in 27 days!”

Chapter 14 - Automated Tools (Greyhat & Blackhat SEO)

Let’s be honest; it’s very tedious and time consuming to post blog comments, join forums, submit to social bookmarking websites, submit to article directors, upload PDF documents everywhere, and submit your RSS feeds manually across the internet.

Below you’ll find some excellent automated tools that will do everything for you if you’re super lazy. If you use automated tools as recommended per the developers, you’ll rank very fast for competitive keywords.

If you abuse automated tools and try to build 1000 backlinks per day, then you’ll just shoot yourself in the foot. Automated tools are best used for tier 2 backlinks.

The automated tools below are VERY powerful, so there’s no need to overdo it.

Top 3 Automated SEO Tools:


Magic Submitter

Backlink Beast

Bonus Tip #1

Do you need to create unique articles fast? Yes! Use Article Builder. With Article Builder, you can create hundreds or even thousands of unique articles in seconds. You can submit these articles to article directories, or just post them on your website. Watch the short video on their website for more details: ArticleBuilder.

Bonus Tip #2

Sign up for free with Affilorama. They have over 100 free training videos teaching you how to improve your SEO and marketing efforts. I learned a lot by watching their videos, and they’re also the creators of the Traffic Travis software: Affliorama

Chapter 15 - Google Places & Business Listings

Business listings are very important when it comes to SEO. The business listings on Google, Yahoo, and Bing are displayed before the organic search results.

A lot of people will only contact the first few businesses they see on the business listings. Why? Because people are lazy and the business listing gives them all the information they need. Business listings allow people to instantly see the name, address, phone number, and business hours of multiple businesses without clicking on anything.

Google used to show 5 - 7 business listing on the first page, but now they only show 3 listings. If you’re using your mobile device to search the internet, you’ll still see 5 - 7 business listings on the first page.

A lot of business owners are upset that Google only shows 3 business listings now, but my response is, “What do you expect?” I tell people all the time that Google isn’t in the business of helping people advertise their business for free. Google wants you to give them all your money to get on the first page. Google is a business, not a charity.

Yahoo and Bing will still show 5 - 7 business listings on their first page, so don’t ignore Yahoo and Bing. Everybody doesn’t use Google; there’s a lot of people that use Bing, like me.

Here are the websites to submit your business listings: (Google) (Bing) (Yahoo)

To set up your account, you’ll need to have a valid business address and phone number. Don’t submit just any address because they’re going to send a postcard with a pin-code that you’ll need to verify/activate your business listing.

If you work from home, you can use your home address. If you don’t want to enter your home address, then set up a virtual office.

Sometimes you’ll have to verify your phone number depending on where you decide to setup your listing. An automated system might call your phone and give you a pin-code, so a live person has to pick up your phone. If you use an automated voice attendant to pick up your business phone to route your calls, then you’ll never get the pin-code and you’ll go in circles forever.

If you want to increase the chance of your listing showing up on the first page, use your keyword in your business listings. When you use your keyword, it has to make sense because your business listing will go through an approval process. If you’ve followed everything I’ve stated from the beginning of this book, then you’ll be fine.

If you recall earlier in this book, I made up a fake dog training company called “Mauresmos.” The name “Mauresmos” doesn’t mean anything to search engines, so I said it would be better to purchase the domain name “”

Now when I set up my business listings, I can legitimately name my listing “Mauresmo Dog Training” which includes my main keyword. No red flags will be raised because my domain name (and even my logo) will match my listings. Done.

You’ll also need business “citations” from other reputable sources. The more citations you have, the more likely your business listing will show up on the first page of Google. A business citation is simply having your business listed on another reputable business directory. That’s why you should setup your business listing on Yahoo and Bing too.

It’s also important to make sure that your address and phone number match wherever you list your business. If your business information doesn’t match, then you won’t move up the rankings because Google doesn’t want to add your business to the first page if your information is possibly inaccurate.

Summary & Action Plan

Submit your business information to Google, Yahoo & Bing!

Use your keyword within your listing (if it makes sense)

Keep your business listing information the same across all directories

Build backlinks to your business listings because they contain your web address. (tier 1 backlinks, remember?)