Photon LED Codes - Getting Started with Spark Core and Photon (2015)

Getting Started with Spark Core and Photon (2015)

Appendix B. Photon LED Codes

The RGB LED of a Photon uses different colors and rates of flashing to indicate what is going on inside the device. After a while, it almost feels like the Photon is demonstrating its current mood by whats going on in its LED.

Reset Sequence

When you reset a Photon, it will go through the following sequence on the LED.

1. Flashing blue: Listening mode, waiting for network information.

2. Solid blue: Smart Config complete, network information found.

3. Flashing green: Connecting to local Wi-Fi network.

4. Flashing cyan: Connecting to Spark Cloud.

5. High-speed flashing cyan: Spark Cloud handshake.

6. Slow breathing cyan: Successfully connected to Spark Cloud.

Other Status Codes

§ Flashing yellow: Bootloader mode, waiting for new code via USB or JTAG. JTAG is a type of specialized programming hardware

§ White pulse: Start-up, the Core was powered on or reset.

§ Flashing white: Factory Reset initiated.

§ Solid white: Factory Reset complete; rebooting.

§ Flashing magenta: Updating firmware.

§ Solid magenta: May have lost connection to the Spark Cloud. Pressing the Reset (RST) button will attempt the update again.

Error Codes

Generally red flashing indicates a problem.

§ Two red flashes: Connection failure due to bad internet connection.

§ Three red flashes: The Cloud is inaccessible, but the internet connection is fine.

§ Four red flashes: The Cloud was reached but the secure handshake failed.

§ Flashing yellow/red: Bad credentials for the Spark Cloud.

You can find out more about resolving these kinds of problem at Spark’s support page (