Raspberry Pi Projects (2014)

Raspberry Pi Projects (2014)


Part I. Getting Started with the Raspberry Pi

Chapter 1. Getting Your Raspberry Pi Up and Running

Chapter 2. Introductory Software Project: The Insult Generator

Part II. Software Projects

Chapter 3. Tic-Tac-Toe

Chapter 4. Here’s the News

Chapter 5. Ping

Chapter 6. Pie Man

Chapter 7. Minecraft Maze Maker

Part III. Hardware Projects

Chapter 8. Colour Snap

Chapter 9. Test Your Reactions

Chapter 10. The Twittering Toy

Chapter 11. Disco Lights

Chapter 12. Door Lock

Chapter 13. Home Automation

Chapter 14. Computer-Controlled Slot Car Racing

Chapter 15. Facebook-Enabled Roto-Sketch

Chapter 16. The Pendulum Pi, a Harmonograph

Chapter 17. The Techno-Bird Box, a Wildlife Monitor