An Introduction To HTML - Your First $1000 online (2014)

Your First $1000 online (2014)

Chapter 1: An Introduction To HTML

“A computer lets you make more mistakes faster than any other invention in human history, with the possible exceptions of handguns and tequila.” – Mitch Ratcliffe

What Is HTML?

HTML is the abbreviated for HyperTextMarkupLanguage. This text is used to develop web pages. HTML elements and tags are used by developers so that the web browser can read the web page and interpret the content of the web page the way it is meant to be interpreted. HTML texts are used by web page developers and app developers for coding and programming purposes.

Utility Of HTML Texts

To understand this you first need to look at the components of the web.

The Web Browser

Internet Explorer and Google Chrome are examples of web browsers. To access a website or web page you have to use a Web Browser.

Web Pages

When you type the name of a domain in the website address bar your web browser is told to open that specific page. So, if you were to type in your web browser would take you to the Yahoo home page.

The address bar

The World Wide Web is quite complex. It might not seem that way to someone who has nothing to do with web development because all they need to do is to type in the domain, hit“Enter” and then, review the web page from another country or continent.

Hosting Servers

Once a web developer has made a website a hosting server has to be used so that the web page can be accessed by anyone using the internet.


With technological advancements it is important to revise, alter and/or update the way the HTML functions. Different software, like Android or the iOS, is updated on a yearly bases. This is done to remove bugs and fix any errors in the previous version of the same software. Similarly, the HTML has been updated to correct previous versions of the markup language.

The latest version of the HTML is HTML 5 which was made to correct syntax errors in current web documents. This version also introduces application programming interfaces for applications that run in web browsers.