Introduction to HTML5 Application - HTML5 APPLICATIONS DEVELOPMENT MANUAL (2016)


1 - Introduction to HTML5 Application

final meHi, my name it is AnySolution and I will be your mentor throughout this HTML5 APPLICATIONS DEVELOPMENT MANUAL.

HTML5 is the latest HTML standard and a family of technologies that includes HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Although the HTML5 standard won’t be finalized for a few years, most modern Web browsers already support HTML5 elements. HTML5 app development for Web and mobile device browsers is well underway.

Hyper Text Markup Language(HTML) is the language with which the content of a website is made (paragraphs, images, text, etc.).

Cascade Style Sheet(CSS) is the language used to design a website (colors, fonts, backgrounds, etc.).

JavaScript is a scripting language (a programming language that uses scripts and requires no compiler) that adds interactivity to Web pages. Although you can use HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to create Web pages, you can also use the combination to develop client applications (apps) that run-on touch-enabled devices like PCs, slates, tablets, and smartphones. Essentially, the same technologies developers use to build Web pages are now beginning used to build applications that run on different devices.