Publishing an Application - HTML5 APPLICATIONS DEVELOPMENT MANUAL (2016)


9 - Publishing an Application

After you test, debug, and validate your code, it will be ready for upload to a marketplace for apps. If the app was built for Windows, then the marketplace will be the Windows Store.

Publishing your app to a public marketplace like the Windows Store is the pinnacle of all your planning, designing, coding, and testing. The Windows Store is an online global marketplace for Metro style apps. Publishing your app for distribution through the store can possibly turn a good idea into a lucrative venture.

Before publishing an app to the Windows Store, you must:

- Sign up and pay for a developer account

- Go through the app submission checklist

- Capture screenshots of unique features in your app

- Have other users test your app on multiple devices and platforms

- Include a privacy statement if your app gathers personal information or copyrighted software