HTML5 and CSS3 All-in-One For Dummies (2014)

HTML5 and CSS3 All-in-One For Dummies (2014)

Book I Creating the HTML Foundation

Chapter 1 Sound HTML Foundations

Chapter 2 It's All About Validation

Chapter 3 Choosing Your Tools

Chapter 4 Managing Information with Lists and Tables

Chapter 5 Making Connections with Links

Chapter 6 Adding Images, Sound, and Video

Chapter 7 Creating Forms

Book II Styling with CSS

Chapter 1 Coloring Your World

Chapter 2 Styling Text

Chapter 3 Selectors: Coding with Class and Style

Chapter 4 Borders and Backgrounds

Chapter 5 Levels of CSS

Chapter 6 CSS Special Effects

Book III Building Layouts with CSS

Chapter 1 Fun with the Fabulous Float

Chapter 2 Building Floating Page Layouts

Chapter 3 Styling Lists and Menus

Chapter 4 Using Alternative Positioning

Book IV Client-Side Programming with JavaScript

Chapter 1 Getting Started with JavaScript

Chapter 2 Talking to the Page

Chapter 3 Decisions and Debugging

Chapter 4 Functions, Arrays, and Objects

Chapter 5 Getting Valid Input

Chapter 6 Drawing on the Canvas

Chapter 7 Animation with the Canvas

Book V Server-Side Programming with PHP

Chapter 1 Getting Started on the Server

Chapter 2 PHP and HTML Forms

Chapter 3 Using Control Structures

Chapter 4 Working with Arrays

Chapter 5 Using Functions and Session Variables

Chapter 6 Working with Files and Directories

Chapter 7 Exceptions and Objects

Book VI Managing Data with MySQL

Chapter 1 Getting Started with Data

Chapter 2 Managing Data with MySQL

Chapter 3 Normalizing Your Data

Chapter 4 Putting Data Together with Joins

Chapter 5 Connecting PHP to a MySQL Database

Book VII Integrating the Client and Server with AJAX

Chapter 1 AJAX Essentials

Chapter 2 Improving JavaScript and AJAX with jQuery

Chapter 3 Animating jQuery

Chapter 4 Using the jQuery User Interface Toolkit

Chapter 5 Improving Usability with jQuery

Chapter 6 Working with AJAX Data

Chapter 7 Going Mobile

Book VIII Moving from Pages to Sites

Chapter 1 Managing Your Servers

Chapter 2 Planning Your Sites

Chapter 3 Introducing Content Management Systems

Chapter 4 Editing Graphics

Chapter 5 Taking Control of Content