Chapter 1 Introducing HTML5 and CSS3

Chapter 2 Basics: The Anatomy of HTML5

Chapter 3 Basics: Structuring Documents

Chapter 4 Basics: HTML5 Forms

Chapter 5 Basics: Multimedia, Audio and Video

Chapter 6 Multimedia: Preparing Your Media

Chapter 7 Multimedia: Using Native HTML5 Audio

Chapter 8 Multimedia: Using Native HTML5 Video

Chapter 9 Multimedia: The source Element

Chapter 10 Mutimedia: The track Element

Chapter 11 Multimedia: Scripting Media Players

Chapter 12 Canvas & SVG: An Introduction to Canvas

Chapter 13 Canvas & SVG: Canvas Basics

Chapter 14 Canvas & SVG: Handling Non-supporting Browsers

Chapter 15 Canvas & SVG: Canvas Gradients

Chapter 16 Canvas & SVG: Canvas Images and Videos

Chapter 17 Canvas & SVG: An Introduction to SVG

Chapter 18 Canvas & SVG: Using SVG

Chapter 19 Canvas & SVG: SVG Bézier Curves

Chapter 20 Canvas & SVG: SVG Filter Effects

Chapter 21 Canvas & SVG: Canvas or SVG?

Chapter 22 Offline Apps: Detecting When the User Is Connected

Chapter 23 Offline Apps: Application Cache

Chapter 24 Offline Apps: Web Storage

Chapter 25 Offline Apps: Storing Data With Client-side Databases

Chapter 26 APIs: Overview

Chapter 27 APIs: Web Workers

Chapter 28 APIs: The Geolocation API

Chapter 29 APIs: Server Sent Events

Chapter 30 APIs: The WebSocket API

Chapter 31 APIs: The Cross-document Messaging API