Creating a Website: The Missing Manual (2015)

Creating a Website: The Missing Manual (2015)

Part I: Building Basic Web Pages

Chapter 1: Creating Your First Page

Chapter 2: Becoming Fluent in HTML

Chapter 3: Building a Style Sheet

Chapter 4: Adding Graphics

Chapter 5: Working with a Web Editor

Part II: From Web Page to Website

Chapter 6: Linking Pages

Chapter 7: Designing Better Style Sheets

Chapter 8: Page Layout

Chapter 9: Getting Your Site Online

Part III: Connecting with Your Audience

Chapter 10: Introducing Your Site to the World

Chapter 11: Website Promotion

Chapter 12: Adding a Blog

Chapter 13: Making Money with Your Site

Part IV: Interactivity and Multimedia

Chapter 14: JavaScript: Adding Interactivity

Chapter 15: Dynamic Buttons and Menus

Chapter 16: Audio and Video

Part V: Appendixes

Appendix A. Where to Go from Here

Appendix B. HTML Quick Reference