JavaScript, 20 Lessons to Successful Web Development (2015)

JavaScript, 20 Lessons to Successful Web Development (2015)

PART I JavaScript Basics

LESSON 1 Introduction to JavaScript

LESSON 2 Incorporating JavaScript into a Web Page

LESSON 3 Working with Arithmetic Operators and Functions

LESSON 4 Applying Comparison and Logical Operators

LESSON 5 Creating JavaScript Arrays

LESSON 6 Accessing Multidimensional Arrays

LESSON 7 Calling Array Functions

PART II Advanced JavaScript

LESSON 8 Pushing to and Popping from Arrays

LESSON 9 Advanced Array Manipulation

LESSON 10 Controlling Program Flow

LESSON 11 Looping Sections of Code

LESSON 12 Writing Functions

LESSON 13 Manipulating JavaScript Objects

LESSON 14 Handling Errors and Regular Expressions

LESSON 15 Interacting with the Document Object Model

LESSON 16 Inserting Inline JavaScript and Events

LESSON 17 Controlling Cookies and Local Storage

LESSON 18 Working with Different Browsers

LESSON 19 Implementing Interrupts and Timeouts

LESSON 20 Using Ajax

PART III Appendixes

Answers to the Self-Test Questions

Common JavaScript Functions