Beginning Programming with Java For Dummies, 4th Edition (2014)

Beginning Programming with Java For Dummies, 4th Edition (2014)


Part I. Getting Started with Java Programming

Chapter 1. Getting Started

Chapter 2. Setting Up Your Computer

Chapter 3. Running Programs

Part II. Writing Your Own Java Programs

Chapter 4. Exploring the Parts of a Program

Chapter 5. Composing a Program

Chapter 6. Using the Building Blocks: Variables, Values, and Types

Chapter 7. Numbers and Types

Chapter 8. Numbers? Who Needs Numbers?

Part III. Controlling the Flow

Chapter 9. Forks in the Road

Chapter 10. Which Way Did He Go?

Chapter 11. How to Flick a Virtual Switch

Chapter 12. Around and Around It Goes

Chapter 13. Piles of Files: Dealing with Information Overload

Chapter 14. Creating Loops within Loops

Chapter 15. The Old Runaround

Part IV. Using Program Units

Chapter 16. Using Loops and Arrays

Chapter 17. Programming with Objects and Classes

Chapter 18. Using Methods and Variables from a Java Class

Chapter 19. Creating New Java Methods

Chapter 20. Oooey GUI Was a Worm

Part V. The Part of Tens

Chapter 21. Ten Websites for Java

Chapter 22. Ten Useful Classes in the Java API