Head First JavaScript Programming (2014)

Head First JavaScript Programming (2014)

How to Use This Book: Intro

Chapter 1. A Quick Dip into Javascript: Getting your feet wet

Chapter 2. Writing Real Code: Going further

Chapter 3. Introducing Functions: Getting functional

Chapter 4. Putting Some Order in Your Data: Arrays

Chapter 5. Understanding Objects: A trip to Objectville

Chapter 6. Interacting with Your Web Page: Getting to know the DOM

Chapter 7. Types, Equality, Conversion and All That Jazz: Serious types

Chapter 8. Bringing it All Together: Building an app

Chapter 9. Asynchronous Coding: Handling events

Chapter 10. First Class Functions: Liberated functions

Chapter 11. Anonymous Functions, Scope and Closures: Serious functions

Chapter 12. Advanced Object Construction: Creating objects

Chapter 13. Using Prototypes: Extra strength objects

Appendix A. Leftovers: The top ten topics (we didn't cover)