Web Development with jQuery (2015)

Web Development with jQuery (2015)


Part I. The jQuery API

Chapter 1. Introduction to jQuery

Chapter 2. Selecting and Filtering

Chapter 3. Events

Chapter 4. Manipulating Content and Attributes

Chapter 5. Iteration of Arrays and Objects

Chapter 6. CSS

Chapter 7. AJAX

Chapter 8. Animation and Easing Effects

Chapter 9. Plugins

Chapter 10. Scrollbars

Chapter 11. HTML5 Drag and Drop

Part II. jQuery UI

Chapter 12. Draggable and Droppable

Chapter 13. Sortable

Chapter 14. Selectable

Chapter 15. Accordion

Chapter 16. Datepicker

Chapter 17. Dialog

Chapter 18. Tabs

Part III. Popular Third-Party jQuery Plugins

Chapter 19. Tablesorter

Chapter 20. Creating an Interactive Slideshow

Chapter 21. Working with HTML5 Audio and Video

Chapter 22. Creating a Simple WYSIWYG Editor

Part IV. Appendices

Appendix A. Exercise Answers

Appendix B. jQuery Selectors

Appendix C. Selecting, Traversing, and Filtering

Appendix D. Events

Appendix E. Manipulating Content, Attributes, and Custom Data

Appendix F. More Content Manipulation

Appendix G. AJAX Methods

Appendix H. CSS

Appendix I. Utilities

Appendix J. Draggable and Droppable

Appendix K. Sortable

Appendix L. Selectable

Appendix M. Animation and Easing Effects

Appendix N. Accordion

Appendix O. Datepicker

Appendix P. Dialog

Appendix Q. Tabs

Appendix R. Resizable

Appendix S. Slider

Appendix T. Tablesorter

Appendix U. MediaElement