Neo4j in Action (2015)

Neo4j in Action (2015)



Part 1. Introduction to Neo4j

Chapter 1. A case for a Neo4j database

Chapter 2. Data modeling in Neo4j

Chapter 3. Starting development with Neo4j

Chapter 4. The power of traversals

Chapter 5. Indexing the data

Part 2. Application Development with Neo4j

Chapter 6. Cypher: Neo4j query language

Chapter 7. Transactions

Chapter 8. Traversals in depth

Chapter 9. Spring Data Neo4j

Part 3. Neo4j in Production

Chapter 10. Neo4j: embedded versus server mode

Chapter 11. Neo4j in production

Appendix A. Installing Neo4j server

Appendix B. Setting up and running the sample code

Appendix C. Setting up your project to use SDN

Appendix D. Getting more help