Node.js in Practice (2015)

Node.js in Practice (2015)



Part 1. Node fundamentals

Chapter 1. Getting started

Chapter 2. Globals: Node’s environment

Chapter 3. Buffers: Working with bits, bytes, and encodings

Chapter 4. Events: Mastering EventEmitter and beyond

Chapter 5. Streams: Node’s most powerful and misunderstood feature

Chapter 6. File system: Synchronous and asynchronous approaches to files

Chapter 7. Networking: Node’s true “Hello, World”

Chapter 8. Child processes: Integrating external applications with Node

Part 2. Real-world recipes

Chapter 9. The Web: Build leaner and meaner web applications

Chapter 10. Tests: The key to confident code

Chapter 11. Debugging: Designing for introspection and resolving issues

Chapter 12. Node in production: Deploying applications safely

Part 3. Writing modules

Chapter 13. Writing modules: Mastering what Node is all about

Appendix. Community