Node.js in Action (2014)

Node.js in Action (2014)



Part 1. Node fundamentals

Chapter 1. Welcome to Node.js

Chapter 2. Building a multiroom chat application

Chapter 3. Node programming fundamentals

Part 2. Web application development with Node

Chapter 4. Building Node web applications

Chapter 5. Storing Node application data

Chapter 6. Connect

Chapter 7. Connect’s built-in middleware

Chapter 8. Express

Chapter 9. Advanced Express

Chapter 10. Testing Node applications

Chapter 11. Web application templating

Part 3. Going further with Node

Chapter 12. Deploying Node applications and maintaining uptime

Chapter 13. Beyond web servers

Chapter 14. The Node ecosystem

Appendix A. Installing Node and community add-ons

Appendix B. Debugging Node

Appendix C. Extending and configuring Express