Sams Teach Yourself Java in 24 Hours, 7th Edition (2014)

Sams Teach Yourself Java in 24 Hours, 7th Edition (2014)


Part I. Getting Started

Hour 1. Becoming a Programmer

Hour 2. Writing Your First Program

Hour 3. Vacationing in Java

Hour 4. Understanding How Java Programs Work

Part II. Learning the Basics of Programming

Hour 5. Storing and Changing Information in a Program

Hour 6. Using Strings to Communicate

Hour 7. Using Conditional Tests to Make Decisions

Hour 8. Repeating an Action with Loops

Part III. Working with Information in New Ways

Hour 9. Storing Information with Arrays

Hour 10. Creating Your First Object

Hour 11. Describing What Your Object Is Like

Hour 12. Making the Most of Existing Objects

Part IV. Programming a Graphical User Interface

Hour 13. Building a Simple User Interface

Hour 14. Laying Out a User Interface

Hour 15. Responding to User Input

Hour 16. Building a Complex User Interface

Part V. Moving into Advanced Topics

Hour 17. Storing Objects in Data Structures

Hour 18. Handling Errors in a Program

Hour 19. Creating a Threaded Program

Hour 20. Using Inner Classes and Closures

Part VI. Writing Internet Applications

Hour 21. Reading and Writing Files

Hour 22. Creating Web Services with JAX-WS

Hour 23. Creating Java2D Graphics

Hour 24. Writing Android Apps


Appendix A. Using the NetBeans Integrated Development Environment

Appendix B. Where to Go from Here: Java Resources

Appendix C. This Book's Website

Appendix D. Setting Up an Android Development Environment