Linux Bible 9th Ed (2015)

Linux Bible 9th Ed (2015)


Part I. Getting Started

Chapter 1. Starting with Linux

Chapter 2. Creating the Perfect Linux Desktop

Part II. Becoming a Linux Power User

Chapter 3. Using the Shell

Chapter 4. Moving around the Filesystem

Chapter 5. Working with Text Files

Chapter 6. Managing Running Processes

Chapter 7. Writing Simple Shell Scripts

Part III. Becoming a Linux System Administrator

Chapter 8. Learning System Administration

Chapter 9. Installing Linux

Chapter 10. Getting and Managing Software

Chapter 11. Managing User Accounts

Chapter 12. Managing Disks and Filesystems

Part IV. Becoming a Linux Server Administrator

Chapter 13. Understanding Server Administration

Chapter 14. Administering Networking

Chapter 15. Starting and Stopping Services

Chapter 16. Configuring a Print Server

Chapter 17. Configuring a Web Server

Chapter 18. Configuring an FTP Server

Chapter 19. Configuring a Windows File Sharing (Samba) Server

Chapter 20. Configuring an NFS File Server

Chapter 21. Troubleshooting Linux

Part V. Learning Linux Security Techniques

Chapter 22. Understanding Basic Linux Security

Chapter 23. Understanding Advanced Linux Security

Chapter 24. Enhancing Linux Security with SELinux

Chapter 25. Securing Linux on a Network

Part VI. Extending Linux into the Cloud

Chapter 26. Using Linux for Cloud Computing

Chapter 27. Deploying Linux to the Cloud

Part VII. Appendixes

Appendix A. Media

Appendix B. Exercise Answers

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